Two month series of night closures ending

 A8 emergency gallery of the Soliwald tunnel
Some final work in the emergency gallery such as the installation of the lighting have to be carried out still

Between May and July 2020, essential elements of the tunnel infrastructure have been replaced and the new emergency gallery has been equipped. This work required multiple night closures of the tunnel since May 2020. The last of these night closures took place in the night of 24 July.

Afterwards, the installation place on Aenderdorfgasse will be removed. The final working steps require more night closures  before the emergency gallery will be put into operation.

Work on the A8 at Interlaken

Various construction measures are undertaken on the A8 between the two connections Interlaken-West and Interlaken-Ost from March to November 2020. In general, the A8 stays open. Only certain phases require a reduction to one traffic lane or closures.