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A8 Interlaken-Ost – Brienz

A8 Interlaken-Ost – Brienz

The tunnels along this stretch have been equipped with emergency galleries in the last few years. This project is now followed by a total renovation of the road surface and other engineering structures, starting in 2021.

 A8 Interlaken-Ost – Brienz

The stretch of the A8 between Interlaken-Ost and Brienz was opened to traffic in 1988 and has never undergone comprehensive renovation since then. In order to preserve the infrastructure for the future on this major route and to adapt it to the latest standards, a total renovation is to be carried out, starting in 2021 and lasting for four years. A few years ago, the tunnels have already been equipped with emergency galleries (putting into service 2016 & 2018). In 2020, preparatory work outside of traffic has been carried out, concerning mostly the tunnels’ control centres. The plan of the upcoming work is to renovate the entire infrastructure. At the same time, the suspended ceiling in the Giessbach tunnel is to be reinforced. The stretch that is to undergo total renovation begins at kilometre 24.0, i.e. just after the Bönigen junction in the direction of Interlaken. At the other end, work will commence at kilometre 37.8, i.e. in the vicinity of the Brienz junction.

Object of work

Open road

  • Installation of a noise-reducing surface
  • Restoration of the drainage system
  • Expanding of the shoulder
  • Renovation of the engineering structures


  • Restoration of the ventilation (Completely new ventilation system in the Giessbach tunnel)
  • New shoulders for the drainage system
  • New surface
  • Reflecting coating of the walls
  • Strengthening of the suspended ceiling (Giessbach tunnel)


The work schedule has been designed to minimise interference with traffic flow. The stretch of the A8 between Interlaken-Ost and Brienz will be closed on weeknights (Mon/Tue – Fri/Sat). During daytime, the road stays open with a reduced speed limit of 60 km/h. On certain stretches, traffic will be reduced to one lane between April and November

The night closures are planned as follows:

  • October – May: Nights Mon/Tue – Fri/Sat from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • June and September: Nights Mon/Tue – Thu/Fri from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., night Fri/Sat from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • July and August: Nights Mon/Tue – Fri/Sat from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Traffic will be deviated via the cantonal road on the other side of Lake Brienz. For the connection between Interlaken and Iseltwald, the communal road can be used. There will be no closures during weekends, holidays, big events or in case of danger of avalanches or landslides on the deviation route.


  • Handover of the stretch to traffic: 18 May 1988
  • Length: 13.8 kilometres
  • No. of tunnels: 3*
  • Length of tunnels: Sengg, 870 metres; Chüebalm, 1,325 metres; Giessbach, 3,340 metres
  • No. of bridges and other engineering structures: 38
  • Duration of construction of emergency galleries: Preparatory work, autumn 2013; construction, spring 2014 until 2018
  • Duration of maintenance project: 2021 – 2025 (2025 work outside of traffic)
  • Costs for construction of emergency galleries: Approx. 100 million Swiss francs
  • Costs for total renovation: Over 300 million Swiss francs

* Not included here is the Lütschinen underpass. It is also located between the Interlaken-Ost and Brienz junctions, but is allocated to the Interlaken-Ost – West stretch. Further information