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Tunnel safety and roadwork in the Bernese Oberland

 Tunnel on the A8

Comprehensive roadwork has been in progress on the national roads A6 and A8 in the Bernese Oberland since 2013 with the aim of enhancing the safety of road users. In the initial stage, the focus is on the construction of emergency galleries in all tunnels where traffic in both directions travels through a single tube. This measure will ensure that road users will be able to escape from the tunnel in the event of a fire.

The renovation programme will also focus on maintaining the stretch of the A8 between Interlaken-Ost and Brienz. The intention here is to completely renovate the stretch along the left-hand side of Lake Brienz, commencing in 2021. One of the main objectives is to bring the tunnels into line with the latest safety standards. For example, the ventilation system in the Giessbach tunnel is to be upgraded, and all engineering structures (bridges, retaining walls, etc.) as well as road surfaces are to be repaired or renovated.