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A8 Leissigen tunnel

A8 Leissigen tunnel

The Leissigen tunnel on the A8 on the left shore of the Lake of Thun is to be equipped with a new safety shaft. Construction started in 2018 and will take until 2022. Some of the tunnel’s operating and safety systems had already been upgraded in earlier projects.

 Leissigen Tunnel

In the past few years, the safety systems of the Leissigen tunnel have been renovated and improved in various projects. In 2014, for example, the operating and safety systems were upgraded in several stages.

The focus now is on optimising the situation with respect to escape routes: the Leissigen tunnel is to be equipped with a safety shaft. At present, apart from the tunnel portals the only escape route is via a shaft that runs from the operating centre in the middle of the tunnel to the village of Leissigen. In accordance with the latest safety requirements, however, additional escape options have to be created. A safety shaft is currently under construction that will lead along the tunnel on the mountain side at a distance of around 25 metres from the tunnel. In future, intersections will lead from the main tunnel tube to the safety shaft at intervals of 250 metres.

The safety shaft will run from east to west. Traffic flow will not be affected until around 2020. Later on, the tunnel will have to be closed to traffic at night for a period of several weeks. The shaft will be finished in 2022.


  • Date of handover of Leissigen tunnel to traffic: 23 June 1994
  • Length: 2,100 metres
  • Duration of construction of emergency gallery: 2018 to 2022
  • Costs for construction of emergency gallery: Approx. 42 million Swiss francs